A Memorable Sunday…

2845326715_482912ed80Yesterday, was a memorable Sunday for me. I woke up around 8 in the morning, fixed myself and went to Bacolod City (more than 2 hours land trip from my place). I arrived there at around 11 AM. I then visited my former classmates in college (still my friends) who happen to work there.

We had some chitchat, reminiscing our college lives, our adventures and updated each other, as well. It was really fun and worth my time. Around 2 PM, I went to Bacolod Adventist Medical Center for a meeting. There I met my colleagues where some I already met from seminars, conventions and trainings I’ve attended, while others I have just met; they were very friendly and all accommodating

Anyway, the purpose of that said meeting is to elect this year’s officers for the PART, Inc. – Negros Occidental Chapter. I was very glad and honored that I was elected as the secretary despite the fact that I was the youngest among the group and the only one who is not practicing my profession at any hospital or clinic (I am a full-time faculty of the Radiology Department of our school).

This is the first time that I will be able to hold such position and with a great role to play. I know, I can do this…

Please wish me luck!

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