Top Ten Entrecard Droppers For January

These are my top ten entrecard droppers for the month of January 2009.

  1. Warfreak’s Rantings
  2. Trivia and Facts
  3. Radiology 101
  4. Deranged Insanity
  5. Random Thoughts
  6. Online How To
  7. Conversations with Moms
  8. Angelika
  9. Giggle Computer
  10. Dashing Smiles

Thank you for dropping by. I hope to see you again here for the next month…

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Praning5254 is an insomniac who started blogging since 2008. She is an educator and a Clinical Instructor offline, who has the passion for gadgets and other technology-related stuffs. Online, she maintains several blogs of various niches, which depicts her passion for technology, health, food, movies, books and other interesting stuffs.

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