No Fun Christmas Break

I never enjoyed my christmas break as my daughter got sick for the entire season..No, I don’t blame her for that…I don’t blame her for having an on and off fever for almost three weeks.

Yes, three weeks of that kind of fever plus cough, runny nose, diarrhea, mouth sores and other accompanying “tantrums”… I did not immediately brought her to the hospital as I was used that she will feel good after a day or two without taking any medications.. I don’t want her to be medicine-dependent, that’s why… But after more than two weeks of having that condition, my mother and I decided to bring her to the hospital.

In short, she was diagnosed of having a bronchopneumonia (BPN), a kind of lung infection. I informed my in-laws about it (as my daughter stayed there for days while I was still in Kabankalan before I took the vacation), then that’s the only time also that told me that her (my daughter) cousins were also diagnosed of the same condition. Though, I really wanted to blame them for not telling me that fact (my daughter and her cousins were always in close contact before she had the BPN, I didn’t though as it will do no good…

You might be wondering why I haven’t enjoyed that holiday season, right? it’s because my baby won’t go to anyone else but me..even to my husband! Imagine the situation I was into?! It was very difficult for me to give to the “call of nature”, take a bath and even eat… (sigh)

Baby Tyke with Gentian Violet (for mouth sores) on her mouth…

After that diagnosis, I followed the doctor’s advice regarding her antibiotics medication and I’m glad she is again able to play with others and her fever never came back (though she’s still coughing her lungs out because her medications is still on-going.

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  • Yes, I am also hoping for that…thanks!

  • hope she get well soon.

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