My Daughter’s First Visit


Last December 25, my daughter and I, together with my mom and my sister visited my grandmother at the farm because she lives there with my uncle and his family. It was not a planned visit.

Actually, my mother had already planned to visit her on that day and because of some family issues, my siblings and I, decided not to go with her. But then, on that morning, my mother woke me up and asked me once again if I would like to go (she knows that I have a “forgiving” heart…hek hek hek).

Getting up early is what I hated to do most, especially that we stayed up late for the Noche Buena last night; but then at the back of my mind, I told myself that the opportunity can only come once and besides it’s Christmas! So might as well visit my grandma, who took care of me when I was an infant because my parents have to go to work (they were gone for months). I was also thinking that it was my daughter’s first visit to my grandma and I know that she is excited to see Baby Tyke. I also convinced my sister to go with us and after some tagging, she did.

When we get there, I can see in my Granny’s eyes that she was very glad to see us. Imagine, I haven’t visited her for almost three years though she’s just a half hour away from our house. We missed each other, especially me, as I am her eldest granddaughter, the reason they’re telling me that I’m the “most loved” granddaughter.

pict0400Anyway, to cut the story short, here are some of our pics, which were also posted on Baby Tyke’s Blog, I Am My Mommy’s Daughter.

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