Missing My Own Connection

I really miss my own internet connection. I was having problem with my connection last November then it was fixed before the month ended and then after a week or two, my connection was temporarily interrupted as I was not able to pay a monthly due because of financial constraints.

And now I’m really saving for my connection to be available again, although Smart Broadband does not provide me excellent service (hehehe). Anyway, my contract will end this February and I am now thinking of trying Globe.

It’s really hard for me to access my blogs, update them and do some “living” in the internet café as I am time constrained due to work and other obligations. What I also hate is that, sometimes, when I go the café, there is no available unit, so I have to wait, which sometimes took 30 minutes onwards. Grrr…. Really frustrating…

Anyway, do you think it is a good move? I mean to migrate from Smart to Globe Broadband? If so, can you please share with me your experience? I’d really love to have a faster connection, especially when I am waiting for opps in PPP.

Hope to hear from you guys…Thanks in advance.

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