Missing My City Life…

I really can’t wait for the summer vacation to come… Yeah, I know, Christmas vacation has just passed by, but I felt it was way too long… I don’t really know why this sudden “missing” thing flooded over me… Maybe it’s because I simply missed my “city life”.

I don’t deny the fact that I long for a simple living and that’s what I found here in Kabankalan City. Although it’s already one of the component cities of Negros Occidental, still nothing compares to my hometown, Iloilo City. Well, at least for me. hehehe


I am not a party girl of some sort; I don’t stroll in the malls often; I don’t go on a night out either… but I can’t shook off my shoulders about missing my city life; perhaps because of my family who are there and maybe, it’s not really the city that I miss… it’s my family…


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