Failed to Witness the Sinulog Festival

In my previous post, I have promised to keep you updated of the 33rd Sinulog Festival, which was held yesterday, Sunday; but now I am very sorry to inform you that I haven’t gone to the Plaza to witness the highlight of the said festival since my daughter was once again sick.

She has a fever since Saturday and I am suspecting that it is because of her molar teeth that are starting to come out altogether. I’m just glad she doesn’t have her tantrums and similar signs that children of her age, she’s one year and 3 months now, show when their teeth are coming out. Despite her high fever, she still manages to play and laugh.

Anyway, about the festival, I had a chance to go out yesterday when my daughter was asleep because I really need to go online. Outside the road, I see many people with black dirt on their faces, because it’s the tradition that passers by and “merry makers” must have a dirt on their faces through a charcoal, paint or sometimes henna.

There are also other families who have their picnics and family get bonding on both sides of the road. They bring with them their coolers, plastic tables and chairs, and of course, their food! It’s really a fiesta all over the city! Most of the houses living near the plaza are having their celebration by preparing foods and making them available for anyone who wish to eat, whether a friend or just a mere stranger.

It’s really nice to witness this kind of Filipino tradition where everyone is in the mood to celebrate, enjoy, be glad and be merry! It’s a tradition that should be preserved and be proud of… I really can’t wait to go home and witness the Dinagyang Festival at my hometown, Iloilo City, as it has already been awarded three times as the Philippine’s Best Tourism Event of the Year…

You can do nothing about it… I’m just a Proud Ilonggo…:-)

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