Bonding with My Students

pict0361My students and I have actually more time to bond together as they have five major subjects with me this semester plus the fact that they are only ten (10) because they are the pioneers of the Radiologic Technology Program.


We have been to Iloilo City and Tanjay (near Dumaguete City) during our educational trips and last Christmas, we went to Batang Beach Resort, which is almost an hour away from Kabankalan City.

Actually, I told them earlier that I won’t go with them as I have to take care of my daughter but then they pleaded and even bargained with me. They said that I’ll just bring Tyke with me and they would just baby sit her.


At the resort, we gave our gifts to our manitos and manitas and then enjoyed eating the foods that we brought. Some of them also took the liberty to go to the beach and swim and they even brought my daughter. All in all, It was a fun and memorable Christmas Party that we have ever since though it was just 1 three-hour celebration.


We brought a lot of things with us just like our food, extra clothes and plates and other utensils, etc… If only there is a storage rental in that place, we will leave our other stuffs there so that it will be easy for us the next time we come back…

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