Another Busy Week

This week is going to be another busy week for me as it is the Midterms Examination Week. So definitely, I am once again busy preparing for the exams, then after that, checking of the test papers and lastly, computation of my students’ grades.

But what makes computation of the grades really difficult for me is that the grades of those who seldom attend my class, never submit their home works and other assigned activities. It becomes hard for me because I hate to fail students. I can just imagine their parents’ hardships to send them to school and then I’ll just fail them?

I know, I know…it’s not my fault but I am still trying to give some considerations. I am also thinking that hopefully, this will be my last year of teaching so might as well, be kind to these students and leave them a good memory of me…hehehe. Anyway, I have mentioned that this might be my last year of teaching because I am hoping that I will be assigned as Clinical Instructor next year as I will already have the interns.

What adds more to my dilemma of being busy this week is all the household chores that I must have accomplished already but haven’t started it yet. I have to do the laundry, the general cleaning, etchetera, etchetera… As you know, my sister is the one who accompanied me back here instead of my husband; and of course, I can’t just let her do all the work, just like my husband, because I promised her that all she have to do is baby sit, while waiting for the result of the Nursing Board Exam.

Enough of my complaints and sentiments… I’m just really glad that I blog because I can always express my feelings here freely with no one to interrupt me…hehehe

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