Payback Time

Today, is a not so busy day as this is the 1st day of the three-day prelim exam of our school. Gone are those days of sleepless nights making the exams for seven (7) courses (subjects), for the meantime, as after the exam I will be going to compute for their grades for submission next week.

Actually, there’s nothing unusual there, except that my friend, who is teaching part-time in the school (for the BSRT also), has been asking me for help in making her quizzes, exams and grades, eventually, and mind you, she handles three major subjects also! So, you can just imagine that I’m the one making these things for a total of 10 subjects! Very tiring, indeed!

I know, I don’t have the right to complain, as, when I was the one who needed her help (she’s a radiologist, a doctor), like doing a free ultrasound scan for me, my friends and relatives, as well as reading the radiographs – for free-, she was there and hopefully, she will always be there.

Actually, this post is not written (typed) here to complain, I just want to share a virtue of GIVE AND TAKE, for you’ll never know when you’ll need somebody’s help….

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