I Hate Cockroaches!

Have you watched last week’s Pinoy Fear Factor Episodes? Have you seen how the “participantes” transferred the “cucarachas” from and to the other bowl? Eeeewwww!!!

Can you just imagine a number of those dreadful cockroaches struggling inside your mouth?! By just posting this really makes me puke, but I just want to share this one…indulge me, please…

Why I hate or fear these creepy creatures? It’s because I have read and learned that these are one of the dirtiest creatures in the world. They always carry with them thousands of disease-causing germs!

Although I am aware that those species (used in Pinoy Fear Factor) were of “edible” type, as they are eaten in other parts of the world (according to Kuya Kim of TV Patrol), still, the sight of them makes me shiver… I think I have to stop now or else…

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