Delayed Christmas Break

Finally, the school’s Christmas party is over and I was very excited for the Christmas break, and the bonus, of course, but was a little bit disappointed since our president, before the party was over, announced that our salary and bonus will be delayed and wait until Monday or Tuesday, which are on December 22 and 23, respectively. (sigh)

What made the situation worst is that when I get home and told my husband about the bad news, he told me that he really want to go home early, so to avoid further discussions and arguments, I told him that he and my daughter will go home early and that I’ll just follow after I get my salary.

So now, I’m here all alone in the rented house. I’m really missing my baby so I just called every now and then to check and talk to her. I hope it’s really worth the wait, you know what I mean right? Hopefully, I’ll get enough dough to celebrate Christmas and new year merrier and happier.

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