Using Opera as Web Browser

Everytime I visit the internet cafe`, I always look for opera to use as web browser, since, almost all of these cafe’s are not using one, I have to download it. Gladly, this browser is very easy and very fast to install. You may wonder why I prefer to use this one rather than mozilla firefox or IE, well, for those who do not know, this browser loads faster and for various reasons (especially for those who are waiting for opps to appear at SS or PPP), it also has an automatic reloader, so you don’t have to worry pressing the F5 or refreshing your browser every once in a while.

Actually, if not for my friend, Aeirin, I would never be aware that this can also be used in PC, too because I only use this browser when I access the net through my phone (WAP).

So, if you want to grab those opps first or you dread waiting for your browser to load, try this one. As for me, I still don’t have that much opps since I access the net only when I have time. Hopefully, I will have more sooner…LOL

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