Happy Birthday, Tatay!

Today is my father’s birthday! How I really wish he’s here with us today. You may wonder where he is…. He already passed away 12 years ago. That’s long ago, but I still miss him.

He was not a perfect father. But he loved us very much that he had sacrifice so many things for our sake. I remember once he said that he doesn’t want us to undergo those hardships that he and his sibling have went through, that’s why he’ll do everything to provide us with our needs.
He was strict, yes, but when he was gone, I just appreciate all those times he scolded me and the times we’ve been through together.

I think I should stop here now (blinking my eyes) because if I don’t I know I will cry a river….

Moral lesson: Appreciate all the things that your parents do to you, for you’ll never know until when they’ll be there.

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  • Yes, we can always make new friends but we will only have one set of parents for a lifetime. Show you care while your loved one is alive. Thanks for the poignant post. God bless you always.

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