Good Morning, Class!

Good morning class! eerrr…. readers…. hehehe. Classes have already begun; it’s once again time to make my syllabus, I mean syllabi as I am now handling seven, yes, 7 major subjects in this semester. Imagine how many preparations for the lesson to cover the whole semester I must accomplish and submit to our dept. head this week?! Thinking also of the gradesheets that I should fill makes me dizzy…

On the hand, I’m kinda glad, why? I have my “overload” for the first time! Yehey! Some of you may wonder what overload is. Well, the usual load of the faculty in our school is only 24 units, now, I have 29, which means…. extra income aside from the basic pay! Yehey again!

Anyway, time’s up for me now here, temporarily, as I have to go home, check and record some quizzes I have conducted earlier today… Bye bye….

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