Finally, I’m Going To Church

It’s been more than a year or almost two years, I think, that I have not attended a mass. Yes, it’s a fact! I don’t know why I let this happen, maybe I’m just not that religious, or perhaps, I just don’t feel like going to. Whatever the reason/s is/are, I think I must consider, rather, force myself to go to church once a week and it already started last week.

Of course I’ll go with my daughter, nevermind my husband, (for now). I want her to grow seeing us going to church so that she will be God-fearing. I know some of you may say that it’s not that important to go to as long as you believe in Him, but I must also say that the feeling I get after attending a mass, is something that I can’t explain. Is it happiness? fulfillment? contentment? I don’t really know. What I know is I’m glad that finally, I’m going to church.

Anyway, I’m going now… God Bless Us All!!!

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  • I agree, mommy.

  • that is the best thing you could do as a mom – bring your children in God’s feet!!

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