Complicated Days

Since I took my semestral vacation last month and went to my hometown, I was not able to update my blog daily, what I did (actually “doing”) was(is) to visit the internet cafe` and do my online obligations. Since I got back last week, I found out that I have my internet connection problem, I was very frustrated because I was very excited to be back and do my regular works online.Grrr….

Unfortunately, the connection problem is not yet resolved as of “press” time, so I’m stuck here in the internet cafe! Plus the fact,that I haven’t resolved still my entrecard-related problem; I also haven’t got any opps from PPP or SS for over a month now and the worst complication?! My PR! In less than a month, another PR update was done and I lost my PR2, isn’t it great?!

I held a celebration contest fro my 100th post and the PR2 I got, but even before the contest ended I lost my PR! Ha! SO many things can really happen in a short span of time. One moment you’re there, the next…. you’re d-o-w-n…. huhuhu….Anyway, there’s still time before christmas and I hope there’s something really special instore for me. Wish me luck!

Update: Just got one opportunity below…hehehe

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