Thanks To My Entrecard Droppers For September

Though it’s already 3rd of October, I still want to give thanks to my loyal entrecard droppers for the month of September, after all it’s my blog, so I’m free to post whatever and whenever I like doing it (hehehe).


Anyway to show my appreciation here are they, with love (links).

  1. Pinay Mommy Online
  2. Dashing Smiles
  3.  Diet Pulpit
  4.  Sharing my Thoughts
  5. Brown Pinay
  6. Aeirin’s Collections
  7. My Blogging Experience
  8.  Wonderful Things in Life
  9.  My Life’s Adventure
  10. Angelika

Thank you guys! Keep those drops coming… for my next top 1 EC dropper for the month of October will be awarded with 500 EC to show my appreciation.

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  • Thanks for the recognition. Anyway do you like to sponsor a contest? I will accept anything you can offer. Thanks!

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