Saturday Is My Favorite Day!!!

As I have mentioned last time, I am going home tomorrow, so hopefully it will pushed through. But I have this dilemma, which made me think twice. I need to go home because I already miss my daughter and my husband keeps texting me that she’s alwasy crying there because she’s looking for me, also, my brother will join the Macho Gay (Pure man who will act as gay in a beauty pageant) on Saturday and they told me to bring the digicam, and of course, I love to be there.

But here’s another thing, my 2nd year students are expecting me to attend their farewell party this coming Saturday, also, and there is another invitation from some of the faculties to join them with their get-together party on that same day. Likewise, I already told my 3rd year students that I will give their final exam and a quiz bee on…guess when?! Saturday! Whoah! Saturday is really my favorite day! I really love this!

I know it’s a matter of commitment but… please help me, I have until tomorrow to decide and besides I’m going to be back by Monday or Tuesday to submit my grades…Whew! What shall I do? If you were me, what will you do?

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