It Feels So Good…

I just arrived from a half-day seminar at Bacolod City. It’s a very tiring day once again for me. I left at around 10 in the morning here and arrived at Bacolod at around 12:30. My company and I (we were two) registered first and then went to the the venue’s canteen to have our lunch. After that, we went straight to the function room because the seminar will start at 1:00 as indicated on the invitation.

At 1:30 PM, the speakers, who were from Hamamatsu and Suozoka University, Japan, arrived and the seminar immediately started. The topics, which talked about the 3-D reconstruction of images obtained from x-ray – CT scan, were interesting, but what made them more “interesting” is the accent and the way the 4 speakers presented their respective topics. I don’t have this discrimination or something, it’s just that they sounded funny (forgive me for the use of word) because we can only understand very few words that they’re talking because they’re having difficulty using the English language.

Anyway, on the other hand, there were questions raised by the audience about the effects of radiation to health (which was actually off the topic), since all of the people who were there are on the computer technology aspect (IT and Computer Engineers), except me, I decided to answer their questions and guess what?! It made me feel good being able to enlighten other people in a forum like that! But my hands were cold and clammy (due to nervousness…LOL) and my heart beated so fast that almost made me deaf for a moment…. hehehe. But it’s worth it! Believe me… 🙂

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