I Felt So In Demand

I’ve been so very tired from last week as I have already posted but I didn’t know that I would still be busier this week. I thought everything will be fine since it’s already the final examination week and my exams are already done. I even planned to visit my family at Iloilo City this week and my husband, my daughter and I were suppose to leave earlier this morning.

Unfortunately the plan was not pushed through, at least for me. The DOH visited our school this morning to check on our x-ray facility and since I’m the in charge, I have to entertain them; and tomorrow, as I was informed late this afternoon, the school will send me to a one-day seminar on CT scan and x-ray. Whew! I really felt so “in demand” now.

To make this sentiment(?) short, I think I will be able to see my daughter on Friday, (which is the first time that we are apart for this long). Oh, I really miss her… I can’t wait to see her…

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