Entrecard Deleted My Blogs

Yesterday, I received an email from the entrecard admin telling me that both of my blogs were deleted from their system because my sites are redirecting to another 3rd party site, which I don’t know what caused it. When I emailed them back they were very supportive and suggested me things that I should do to solve the problem, but since I am time-constrained, I was not able to fix it until now.

The good thing is that the admin assured me that they will reinstate both of my blogs and the credits if I have already fixed the problem.

So, to all the winners and the participants of my blog contest, kindly be patient with the credits. I promise to send them to you when I fix this problem.

Do you have any other suggestion on how to find out what causes this redirection? Please help me. Thanks!

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Praning5254 is an insomniac who started blogging since 2008. She is an educator and a Clinical Instructor offline, who has the passion for gadgets and other technology-related stuffs. Online, she maintains several blogs of various niches, which depicts her passion for technology, health, food, movies, books and other interesting stuffs.

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  • […] Even so, the contest ended and it was successful. I announced the winners and started sending their EC prizes. Another bad luck visited me that I just finished sending out the EC to my major prize winner and I received an email from Entrecard. […]

  • yeah why that happen I hope to read the next update from you. I think their rule is getting more strict!

  • Before I had almost the same problem sis… Dneero said that my blog is autoredirect. I solved it by removing advpoints. because I experienced redirecting before, when Mommy Ruby and I installed it for the first time.

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