Desserts, Anyone?

Week 17, POST: Desserts Anyone??, at PMC is already closed. Thanks to all who participated and made the successful.I, together with

Ivory Tasks and I Play Mom, would like to congratulate anak0430 for winning the contest with her entry, Sweetened Bananas Anyone?”. Please send me your info so I can transfer the EC credits.

To all who participated but didn’t make it, there’s always next time…:-)

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  • congrats Kikamz..ive heard you won on the Entrecard contest as well. You seem to be lucky these past few days.

  • wow, i can’t believe i won for last week’s weekly fest! this is great news! thanks for this. as for my entrecard info, my email is anak0430(at)gmail(dot)com. here’s the link for my ec details: http://entrecard.com/details/72003

    Mommy Kikamz
    Just About Anything

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