Another PR Update…

I have been away for a while but I was surprise to find out that my PR 2 has fall back to 0. I can’t believe it! It hasn’t been too long since they updated the PR and now, just before my 20-day contest has ended they updated again?! I haven’t fully enjoyed the benefits of having a good PR, meaning, I have only taken few Opps from PPP and SS.
Well, I guess, I can do nothing about it but be once again patient and wait for another update….
I can only hope that the next update will yield a positive result… I’ll just just keep my fingers crossed.

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  • Yes, I am also very surprised of this very soon update… I am hoping for that,too…

  • What? This is too sudden. I’m sorry to hear this news. Hope you’ll get it back soon~! 😉

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