A Very Tiring Week, Indeed!

This week is a very very busy week…I felt soooo tired… Aside from classes I conducted from Mondays to Saturdays, which usually starts at 8:00 AM (M & W) and ends at 7:00 in the evening (M -F) and 8 -5 during Saturdays, I also accompanied my college students on their educational trip (5-6 hours travel back and forth).

When I went home after the trip, I just rested for a while and started to scan for my notes to make the exams (of 5 subjects) for the final term of this semester, which is scheduled on Wednesday to Friday this week. After the exam? There’s more! I still have to compute for their grades and pass it earlier or else…well, I won’t be able to get my salary on the 15th…. (LOL) Whew!

It’s really tiring being an instructor, If it’s not really your calling you will easily give up. As for me, I’m contemplating on leaving this work and practice my real profession, which is being a Radiologic Technologist, but…I love to teach! It’s just that….Oh well, never mind…. I can still bear it and it makes me feel good sharing my knowledge with my students.

I just hope I will always have that motivation to go on with my advocacy(?)… God’s will!

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