Why People Act Like Crabs?

Are you familiar with crab mentality? Well, I guess so. You may wonder why I ever ask this question, but I just remembered how some people acted like crabs, that they resemble these crustaceans already….LOL

I just don’t get it why it is easy for them to put other people down so they can climb up higher. Is it really worth it? I mean, is the reward that they will get when they reach the top can compensate for the hard feelings that they have caused to other people that they used along the way? I don’t think so! But how come they are still willing to pay the price?

I personally know a family who acts like this. I despise them, yes! But I have no plan on getting even with them. I know God has plans for us and for them. On the other hand, I do admit that I think of negative things that may happen to them in the near future for some reason.

I just pray that they can sleep soundly at night and their kids will not pay for the price of their parents’ actions. I am also crossing my fingers and hoping that sooner, and not later, they will wake up to a reality that the only constant thing in the world is “change”.

On the lighter side, I don’t dwell on negative thoughts, as this also brings negative forces. I just keep in mind that “to each his own”. I guess, we just need to concentrate doing good deeds and keep those positive thoughts coming to possess a brighter aura and inspire others, right?

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  • “Love your enemies,
    Do good to them who hate you.”

  • That is so true talaga, Mommy R, but if we only dwell on heart aches we can never have our peace of mind and we tend to be less productive, right?
    These people are not worth our precious time.

    There is nothing more painful than being betrayed by our friends because we put all our trust in them. But, yes, as you said, that’s life. We can never be certain of anything in this world.

  • hay nako mommy H, this is really hard. i have been in your situation too many times and yes i do sometimes think ill of them pero no use naman din diba. we will be like them if we do.

    kaya din siguro i have secluded myself sa online work kasi lesser crabs pero i was wrong. pinoy and pinays din ang titira sa iyo. masakit friend mo pa. hehehe… anyway, life goes on.

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