What You Need To Know About Victory Hair

The worst pick-up line I’ve heard was, “I’m new around here, can you direct me to your flat?”, this maybe worst but it can make people achieve their Victory Hair.

What is victory hair? Well, it’s when a person gets her hair messy after doing some “freaky” activities. Still unclear? Okay, for instance, when a girl keeps on showing her interest on a boy and they get the chance to be alone together, well…a lot of things may happen possibly that could have messed their hair, thus rewarding both of them with victory hair. Got it?

In relation to this flirting ideas, you might want to try this new Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship game. This is an online game where you get the chance to flirt and see how victory hair looks like. Try it! It’s free! If you like it, you can grab and put it in your site, too.

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