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I remember a friend who shared her Las Vegas toursexperience when she and her friends went there to unwind months ago. It was her first time, and having heard of so many good things about the place made her so excited. During their first day to stroll around, she dressed well wearing her red cigarette heels sandals and her cocktail dress, hoping to “catch some fish in the sea”.(LOL) What she did not anticipate is the hours of walking it will take for them to tour around the place, jumping from one place to another. Guess what?! She ended walking in bare feet or else she’ll be the one to retire early to bed. People were staring at here thinking “what does a fine, well-dressed young lady doing in that place walking in bare feet holding her sandals?! Anyway, she just ignored them and just thought that nobody recognized her. “Embarassing, eh? But it was fun!”, she said.

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