Photo Post: Unlucky Me…

It’s another week. Time for another .

This week’s theme is PHOTO POST: LUCKY ME! WACKY ME! So this is my entry:

Since I’m still learning the “digital scrapping” thing, eto na lang muna…

This photo was taken months ago while I was doing somethings online and my baby wanted to get hold of the keyboard. So, my husband put her on my back and she kept banging my face with the ballpen. Ouch! It hurts!

This was supposed to be my entry pic for the original theme of the fest. Since it was changed, I just added the two pictures below.

This two pictures here were taken last week when both my husband and I were in the mood to make some faces. The picture on the left was taken when I was teasing my daughter (where I play dead), while the second one, well, I guess, it’s obvious that my hubby is really having “fun”!

I was suppose to post this days ago but I forgot where my memory card reader is, and I found it under the bed last night (my daughter played with it again!)

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This post has won the second place on the weekly fest. Thanks to the sponsor blogs!

Congratulations to the other winners:

I’m still contemplating on deleting this post because until now, I’m ashamed of how I looked at these pictures… What do you think?

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  • Mommy, congrats for winning! Don’t delete this post ha! 🙂 Cute ka naman eh.

    Mama Sheryl
    Aha Mama
    A Zone for Digiscraps

  • hahaha..cute mo nman momi…wacking wacky nga..hehehe

  • hahaha Mommy, kahit d mo n digiscrap.. wacking wacky…

  • Hahahha you are really funny!!!
    Have a great weekend!

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