My Baby’s Name

I was tagged by Mommy Aeirin for this, so I s’pose I should post this.


Our baby name: My Baby’s name is Hattie Yashika, she’s a special “GIFT” to us. She will celebrate her first birthday weeks fom now… Ever since, I’d like to have a very unique name for my baby, but haven’t even planned for it until she came. I already knew that she’s a girl because of the advent of ultrasound (which I can access for free anytime because it’s my prerogative as Radiologic Technologist). I searched for some unique names online, hoping to find something that’s very unique and can be a unisex name with meaning. As some of you may already know, My real name is Hariette and it means wisdom and ruler of the house, while my husband’s name is Rowen, which means aftermath and definitely, I also want some meaning to my li’l angel’s name.

So, Hattie has the same meaning with Hariette as both names were taken from the original Harriet, and Yashika is of Italian origin which means success. So, I just hope that her name will bring her success someday. By the way, her nick name is Tyke (her pics are on the slide show on the left), a scrambled letter taken from her real name. I like the sound of it as it denotes toughness and boyish-like behavior.


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