If Only…

I miss my little girl! Yes, I seldom find time to sleep with her these past few weeks, since I’m too busy with school works and blogging, of course. I don’t get the chance to see her “new growing up activities” and I was just surprise to find her “dancing” and mouthing some “ramblings”. Oh, I regret missing those times. I miss the times when all I do after work is to be with her, play a little, teach her something and put her into sleep.

Next week, she will be be celebrating her 1st birthday but I have no plans yet. We are far from our family and I’m not the type of person who will spend much just to celebrate, plus the fact that we’re like aliens to our neighbor since we seldom mingle with them.

Anyway, sembreak is fast approaching and I hope by then, I will be able to find more quality time with her, if only…

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