Harvesting the Fruit of Labor

I am very happy to blog about the fruit of my labor. I’ve been staying up late for months now due to blogging that I think I need some supplements like those that contains nitric oxide?Hmmm…let’s see…

My husband said that I am just wasting my time because I can’t be assured that I will get the payments for what I have been working for. I just ignored him and go on with it. After all, it makes me happy, the blogging, I mean.Anyway, last week, I made a withdrawal transaction from Paypal to my Bank Account, since my card is not a visa card, so I have to withdraw it through my bank. Using the bank code that I found online. I was just hoping that the code is correct.

After five days, which was yesterday, I checked my ATM account and I’m very glad to find out that the money was already transferred! Finally! I got hold of the fruit of my labor…hehehe

It’s not that much, but I am just happy and thanked God for He really provides. I just can’t really described how I felt for it “saved” me. I don’t think you’re interested to know why…

Blogging really pays… I hope more opps will come along the way and thanks for those who hired me to Ghost Write for them. Hope to work with you again… You know who you are…:-)





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