Good Morning, Pipz!

Time for another weekly fest at PMC. This week’s theme is PHOTO POST: CRYING PEEPS!! It’s funny how the theme suited my baby as we use to call her Pipz, especially after she wakes up, we tell her, “GOOD MORNING PIPZ!” (even if it’s noon or evening, we still say good morning..hehehe) So, here’s my crying pipz.

As you can see, the pictures were taken on different dates but the reason for her crying is just the same (LOL). I think she was already bored watching the nursery rhymes on DVD and playing by herself. Whenever she sees me or her dad, she would just cry or sometimes feign crying so that we will be able to attend to her and bring her outside with us. Maybe she still can’t figure it out that her mom needs to blog and her dad needs to do the laundry…..Hahahaha. But who can refuse her when she starts to reach out her hand to us and say “adi” (daddy) or “amy” (mommy)? Look at her… She’s very cute (for me, at least) even when she cries…

Anyway, I’m up now because she’s starting to cry again…it’s time to feed her and change her diapers….

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  • @Mama Sheryl,

    Actually bed lang namin yun, since she’s growing up fast and very naughty na, my hubby turned the bed into “our” crib. hehehe


    Yun nga din sabi ng iba…na smiling daw eyes niya..di madiffrentiate kung umiiiyak ba or tumatawa… hehehe

  • first impression ko she’s smiling umiiyak pala, ang cute kasi ni baby lalo na mga mata niya…

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  • Awww, wawa. Cute yang 2nd picture nya..parang tumatawa. 🙂

    Mommy, I like the crib/bed…san pinagawa?

    ~Mama Sheryl
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  • at last maka-comment na ako. hehehe

    thanks mommy for joining. cute pa rin ang baby kahit iyak. ^_^

    Pinay Mommy Online
    Blessings and Beyond

  • LOL ang cute naman niya umiyak – parang smiling pa rin ang eyes niya!

  • yan talaga problema ng mga mommy bloggers..hehehe

  • ang cute naman nya kahit mag cry sis

    Hope you visit my Weekly Fest Entry have a great day

  • cry baby cry 🙂

  • I remember my eldest…. adi and ami din ang tawag sa amin ni hubby nung maliit pa sya.

    your little one is really very cute mommy!

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