Ber Month is Already in the Air

The first day of the “ber” months has already come. Today is September 1, and note that it’s also a monday, the first day of the week. So I hope that this will lead us to a more fruitful month ahead of us.

I would like to be the first one to greet you a “Merry Christmas!” (lol) Since, this ber months (from September to December) signify that christmas day is approximately 114 days to go as the counter indicates above.

We should start shopping for christmas gifts and other yuletide season-related items as early as this month so as to avoid christmas shopping rush, and most especially, price increase(lol). I know you are also aware that prices tend to soar up high during this season. Plan early and celebrate the upcoming christmas holiday with less expenses.

For the goddaughters and the godsons, let your presence be felt already by your godmothers and godfathers so as you will not be forgotten during gift-giving time. hehehehe

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