1000+ Traffic in One Day!

Yes, you read it right! I just have my very first 1490 traffic yesterday which came from smstafford. My regular visits were in a range of 100- 400 only, but yesterday was huge. Maybe it’s because, yesterday was Sunday and most people have much time to surf (hehehe).


I’ve been a member of this traffic generator more than a month ago and cash (although not that much)and traffic are much easier compare to others. Their payout is only $1.00, which I can earn for just a matter of 2 – 3 days only. I am rewarded of certain amount once a day for logging in. Actually, I did my 4th withdrawal of earnings early this morning and I’m waiting for it to be processed, which usually take up to 24 hours.



Surfing is, likewise, not a hassle for I can choose to use the autosurf or the manual surfing, where both require at least 15 seconds to proceed to the next site.



I checked for my bounce rate and it’s less than 10%, which I suppose came from other visitors and not from smstafford. As you can see, my feedjit widget is flooded with traffic coming from this site. I think it’s a good start to promote my site. You can also register for free here and try this or you can click the banner below, you have nothing to lose.





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