Series of Unfortunate Events

Now, let’s continue the series of unfortunate events that happened to me. For those, who missed the first part of this, please refer to my previous post…hehehe


Anyway, when the shuttle bus left the airport at around 12 noon, along the way, we saw people walking down the streets carrying their clothes, personal belongings and God-knows-what stuffs. A typical seen that I usually see in TV during a natural disaster where people are forced to vacate their houses and transfer to evacuation centers.

Heavy rain was still pouring and some part of the road was already covered with mud water from river overflows, and God-knows-where else and the high tide added up… When we reached Pavia, people are telling us that we can’t cross the street and the bridge because the flood was already almost 3 feet high. So the driver turned back and looked for some other possible passages to bring us,passengers, to the city.


We were unlucky. It was almost two in the afternoon and the weather kept getting bad and typhoon Frank kept getting stronger. We were already more than two hours in the van and my stomach was already rumbling. Luckily, the driver decided to go back to the airposrt and we waited for the flood to subside. I had my brunch at the airport at around 3:00PM. I’m stranded! Yeah, Great!


At 6:00 in the evening, the driver told us that the water has already subsided but not completely, and if we wanted to go home, he would try. Already exhausted and frustrated I decided to come along, after all, there’s nothing to lose, so why don’t give it a try?!


Again, when we reached Pavia, the SWAT team halted us and told the driver that we can’t pass the bridge because the water was still high, although it was already subsiding. We, the passengers, insisted that we give it a try because we really wanted to go home. The enforcers told us that if we really wanted to, we cross at our own risk. So, we risked!. Now, here comes the most terrifying event, well for me, at least..hehehe.


Everytime the shuttle bus (L300 van) passed some flooded roads, the van was rocking from side to side, some passengers are shouting (due to fear, of course!), while I was just holding on tight to my traveller’s bag and whispered some prayers. Come to think of it, I’m not that religious, I don’t go to church every Sunday, I only know Our Father among the many prayers of the Catholics, but I always pray in my own way. That time, I really prayed hard.


I felt like the van will be carried away by the very forceful current of the flood.Then we got into this deep part of the road where the engine died and we’re in the middle of nowhere. It was dark and the place looks like griffon forest. It was already past 12 midnight. No electricity, no visible structures around and where stuck. Great! I was silently praying really hard. Women passengers were already in panicked and kept on blaming the driver.


I thought this is it! I don’t know how to swim. It’s totally dark and silent. All I can hear is the vociferous gushing. I was really terrified. The driver and the conductor went out to push the van back to the shallow part. Unfortunately, when they opened the door, water came running in. We were soaking wet and became very much terrified. I tried to be calm and just prayed and prayed. I also texted my family to inform them of what was happening to me ( good thing that I carry with me an extra battery pack, I really never know that this may come in handy) and told them to pray for me.


I guess our prayers worked and we reached the shallow part of the road unharmed. I’m still shaking. I felt like I was on the top in a ferris wheel, where my stomach was already on my throat that I was going to throw anytime. I felt clammy. Honestly, I don’t really know how I felt that time… Anyway, we stayed at the van until five in the morning. I guess you can picture the scene, taking a catnap while sitting, our stomachs were empty,we’re damp, exhausted and other mixed and unknown emotions were flooding us.


At past five the driver told us to get ready because the road was already passable. While on the road, we have seen the worst. Cars turned upside down on a field, pigs were floating dead…it was really a chaotic scene. I told myself, I thought I can only see these on TV, but now, it’s real.


Despite all these, I am still thankful that I get the chance to experienced that nightmare. Now, I know how it feels between life and death. I’m likewise thankful to God for giving me another chance to live again.



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