Poem for the Hopelessly In Love

I want to share this poem. Remember the controversial poem, I posted here last time?
Well, Here’s another one. I actually wrote two poems on that day, which was December 22. Sorry, I won’t mention the year ( as if it matters :-))
This was written in my local dialect, Hiligaynon, but I’ll try to summarize each stanza in english).


Laragway mo masami ginakakunyagan
Nga makita sa matag-adlaw nga tanan
Kun ikaw magyuhum ang kalipay tuman
Akon kahidlaw gilayon nga mapun-an.
(I always long to see your face everyday, it makes me happy, when I see your smile, I’m already satisfied)

Apang kun ikaw dili matalupangdan
Ang kasubo akon gid nga mabatyagan
Sa bata, kasubong ka sang hampanganan
Kun maangkon, kalipay indi mapunggan.
(It really hurts when I don’t see you. Just like a child’s immeasurable happiness when she gets the toy she really desires.)

Ang imo tingog masami mabati-an
Pirme makita sa akon handurawan
Paano ka mangin akon sang lubusan?
Ina gid ang akon ginapaligban.
(Your voice I always hear, Your face I always see. How can I have you? That’s what really bothers me.)

Bisan masami nga naga isahanon
Sa pensar nakapagkit imo larawan
Kun masako, sa gihapon madumduman
Nagapabilin sa akon kaisipan.
(I can still see you even when I’m alone. Your face lingers in my head even if I’m busy.)

Agud nga lubos ang akon kalipayan
Kuntani ako imo man makit-an
Bisan ako imo ginapasapayan
Paghigugma magapabilin sa dughan.
(When you can only see me, my happiness will be complete. Although you’re taking me for granted, my love will always stay.)

Ugaling sa paghigugma may ara man
Kalipayan, kun kaisa kasakitan
Apang ina akon indi malikawan
Gani ako handa sa akon maabtan!
(But in love there is happiness and pain but I can’t avoid that and I’m willing to take the risk!)

There! I hope you got the message of the poem. For those who know me, I’m sure you’ll never believe that I was once as desperate as this, right? hehehe

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