How My Love Story Began & How I Wanted it to End

This is another poem that I wrote on December 28 (same year that I have written those previous two poems. Also written in my own dialect but don’t worry I will have it translated in English after each stanza.

I really like this poem because this is how I often felt before and sometimes even until now (especially when my being a schizo/praning is on the loose…hehehe).

Anyway, this is how my love story began and how I wanted it to end ( I hope there’s no one reading there that knows me…)
I tell you, it’s a different poem because it’s my story and you can learn a lot of life’s lessons, particularly REGRET.


sa akon ikaw daw bale wala You are nothing to me
Sang kita una nakaistorya When we have our first talk
Apang sang kita na ang una nagkita but when we saw each other
Ako wala gid matingala I never wondered
Nga ikaw dili liwan gid iya That I don’t see you as a stranger
Sa dughan, subong sa huna-huna. In my heart and in my mind.
Gani gilayon ginbaton ko na So I accepted
Gintanyag mo matam-is nga gugma The sweet love that you offerred
Kag nangin tuman akon kasadya And I was very much happy
Kay naghirupay ang tagsa-tagsa. Because we understand each other.

Masami malipayon gid kita We’re always happy
Kay paghigugma ang nagpatunga Because love was between us
Nagligad ang mga senimana Weeks have passed
Binulan kag mga tinuig pa Months and years also
Nabatyagan ko nga pagpalangga I felt that my love
Sa imo amat-amat nadula For you is slowly dying.
Gani, akon subong nga problema And now my problem is
Kun paano ako makaguwa How to get out
Gilayon sa ginsudlan nga hawla Immediately of the cage
Agud lubusan mangin hilway na. So that I will be totally free.

Apang ulihi na gid man bala But, is it too late
Para ibalik ang kahapon pa? To go back to yesterday?
Kag kun amo na gid man lang ina If that is so
Sa inyo akon lang nga matugda: All I can say to you is:
“Paghinulsol wala gid sa una.” “Regret is never at the beginning.”

I am hoping that you can read between the lines and get the message…
I hope sooner than later, I can solve this personal issue of mine.
Anyway, God’s will. I’ve already asked for several signs and the signs say otherwise…

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