Cancelled Trip Due To Typhoon

I’m back! I know you’re excited to know how the trip to Palawan went. Well, unfortunately I was not able to attend the convention because of the typhoon. So, I guess, I won’t be able to share some mementos from there.

But, on the other hand, I have a story to tell on as to why the trip didn’t push through.I hope you will find it interesting.

My flight was supposed to be on the 21st of June at 9:50 AM through Cebu Pacific Airlines. On the dawn of June 21st, the heavy rain poured. I did not worry because I was aware that there was a typhoon and the news said that Iloilo City would only experience signal # 1.

Around 6 AM I got up and prepared for the trip. The heavy rain didn’t stop and it keeps on pouring even harder. By then, I was already thinking if the flight will be cancelled due to very bad weather.

I called several ticketing outlets of the airline to make sure but just as I thought, nobody answered the phone (because it was early in the morning and these outlets open at around 9:00 in then morning. So I decided to go. I waited for a taxi for almost an hour. Note that the airport is more or less 40 minutes from my place.

Around 9 o’clock, I finally reached the airport, but the excitement suddenly vanished when the security guard announced that the plane has just departed 5 minutes ago when the scheduled flight was suppose to be at 9:50AM.

So, I immediately went to the airline’s office and inquired. They told me that I’m supposed to be there one hour before the scheduled departure, I reasoned that it was difficult to find a PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) due to bad weather condition. The lady said that she can do nothing about it and after some discussion, I have no choice but to rebook my flight on the 24th, but the convention will start on the 23rd; and this gave me a state of dilemma.

I decided to went home first so that I can clearly think and decide on what I was suppose to do. The school expected me to attend the said convention and that they sponsored all my expenses and now, what?

I waited for more than two hours before a shuttle bus was available. It was almost 12 noon and I haven’t eaten my breakfast and lunch yet. I was glad that finally I can go home and rest and “do the thinking”. And guess what? I arrived home, no, I arrived the evacuation center (where my family were) the next morning. I’m just glad that flood are not that high enough that we need to ride a boat like those llangollen canal boat hire.

To cut short this post, I will tell you what happened on my next post. I’m telling you, it’s really a series of unfortunate events.Stay tuned…

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