What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Does this ring a bell? I’m sure you can still recall your mom or dad asking you this question when you were a child. A very overused and common question, right? Looking back, whether you wanted to be a firefighter, a movie star, or an astronaut, most of us will now see that our childhood vocational fantasies were idealistic, unattainable, or undesirable. But don’t discount these dreams – exploring your early job desires may provide insight into your underlying personality type.When I was a child, I can still remember that I answered “I don’t know” to that question; and if you ask me why, I don’t know the answer, too! Maybe I was not just motivated enough at that time or I haven’t been influenced by the people around me. Sometimes, I dreamed of sitting in a sort of conference furniture and be the main person giving instructions to people.

Never in my wildest dream that I will become a Radiologic Technologist (which is my current profession). Before, I have set my mind that I will take up no matter what course my parents want me to and I believe that I can handle it very well. I can be a lawyer, a medical doctor, a nurse, anything! And you know what? Honestly, I still want to go back to school and take any course that is available. I want to explore all things if possible.Maybe it’s the reason that until now, I don’t have the right directions in my life because I have no plans. Actually, my motto in life is a nonsense “Come What May“. I plan, yes, but often times I don’t stick to it. I reserve them just in case the future may bring me bad luck; and if I’m going to describe my self in one word, Directionless will best fit me.

When I was asked what I want to be when I grow up and I answered: “I Want To Be A Lawyer” instantly, maybe, just maybe, I have followed that dreamed successfully and lead a planned and triumphant life now(in my dreams!).

Try this self-assessment exercise questions:

• What were your earliest career choices or dreams?
• What, at the time, drew you to these careers (e.g., money, fame, values, interests, a person, work environment, excitement)?
• Does what drew you to these careers still motivate you today?
• Do you still hold any of your early childhood needs/desires? If so, does your current job fulfill any of these needs/desires? If you are a student, does the career for which you are studying fulfill any of these childhood needs/desires? Are there changes (simple or more extensive) that you can make to fulfill any of the needs/desires?

This exercise is primarily a personal exploration that may reveal whether or not (and how) you’ve changed over time. What did you found out? Care to share it with me?




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