The Common Denominator Between Radiologic Technology and Teaching

Until now, I am still confuse of my own profession and the profession I am in. Confused too? Well, I would like to compare and contrast here the Radiologic Technology and the teaching professions, which I am in between, because I’d like to make a decision on which area should I choose.

Let me share a quotation I have seen posted in a classroom:

I’d like to teach but I don’t want to be a teacher because I, myself, always want to learn but I don’t want to be always taught.

I dread the times when the teacher needs to stay up late to check Teachertest papers, make lesson plans, compute grades and do an advance reading for the next day’s topic. Unlike any other profession, where eight hours, the usual (except for OT’s), are required for every employee, teaching can take up to 20 hours, with less compensation and less recognition.

Comparing my original field, which is the Radiologic Technology , I can say that being a RadTech (Radiologic Technologist), is way too easy than being a teacher. We report to work for eight hours on a fixed rotating schedule; past that time frame, we can claim for overtime pay. We only wait for the patients to come in and perform the requested radiographic examination/s. No patient, No work. Radiology

We are paid if we report for duty for the required number of hours daily, regardless of the number of patients or the number of radiographic examinations performed. After working hours, we don’t need to worry about the patients anymore and just devote our time to whatever/whoever we want to.

The common denominator of the two professions is: they both aim to serve people, which I really wanted to do. Radtech serves the patients, as further discussed on my other blog, Praning’s Thoughts, while teacher imparts knowledge to the students, which can serve as their foundation all throughout their lives.

Both professions can provide me self-satisfaction by being able to extend my assistance to other people by sharing my field of expertise to them. I can be a Radtech and a Teacher at the same time because I’m actually teaching professional subjects on Radiologic Technology.

Now, should I choose or just stay in between?

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