"…Physically Lazy But Mentally Active…"

Still awake on wee hours? I have been dealing with this since time immemorial. Yes, it’s true! I don’t know if this is a genetic-related thing or what, but my brother and sister share the same sentiment. What’s more bizarre is that we are drawn to sleep in the morning and at our best on the evening.

I love to do my works at night time and I think that I’m at my mind’s peak during these times.I know it’s not normal, but I’m also aware of the fact that there are numbers of things that is “not normal” with me; and I will not enumerate it here, as the list might doze you off (LOL).

I have tried several ways to counter these sleeping problems but to no avail. Sheep-counting, taking a bath before going to bed, drinking of hot milk, and all other rituals that enters by mentally active mind have never been effective for me. I’ve also changed my sleeping position, take some sleeping pills and reading a book; but my thoughts are still wandering and my psyche tells me that I should do some productive effort in order to make use of the time, rather than wait for these two bloodshot eyes to shut.So here I am now, at four o’ clock in the morning, facing the monitor and doing this post. Mind you, all of my posts here and and in my other blog, Praning’s Thoughts are posted during wee hours. I seem to be lazy in the morning, as I have mentioned. This is also one of the reasons why on all of the social networks that I joined, I described myself as “…physically lazy but mentally active human creature…”.

Some say that we need at least 6 hours of sleep to function normally the next day, but I don’t believe them, I can stand having a two-hour sleep a day and still normally function (mentally) and do my chores (although I easily get tired).

But you know what? I have this friend that can fall asleep anytime she wants. In a matter of seconds (and I literally mean seconds) she can be in a slumber. Oh, how I envy her, if only I have power tools, like Bosch Power Tools, to make me visit dreamland anytime I want (sigh). I wish there will come a time that I can have this ability to sleep and I will be more than willing to give my all (as if I have “my all”…hehehe)

I’ll go and work hard to sleep now…G’nyt…zzz




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