Issues Involving Disqus and Intense Debate

Finally, after almost a week of having no comment system on my blog, I made it! It really feels frustrating when I checked my comment system and it’s not working. I have been wondering why I haven’t had comment/s for several days already (I’m not saying that they’re “abundant”..). Every comment from each of my reader is important, as directory submissions is, because it is “scarce”.hehehe…
Also, comments are one of my inspirations to keep on blogging knowing that there are readers that are interested in what I do and it boosts my self confidence. The issue started when I installed Intense Debate (ID). It went well, until I heard about Disqus. So I uninstalled ID and tried it. Fortunately, it worked fine, as well. Then lately, I find it difficult and time consuming to check my dashboards on these two commenting system (my other blog is using ID) . Also, I find Disqus complicated to manage.
Before I decided to uninstall it I want to be sure that I can have my comments with me so I looked for a customer support but can’t find it. While exploring the site, I came across their forum and looked for similar issues and posted my queries. I gave considerable time to get a response but to no avail. Thankfully, I found the profile of one of the staffs of Disqus and I emailed him. It took him three days to respond, which I perfectly understand.
But what bothered me is that, when I asked him if I can import my comments to ID, he just gave me a link which lead to one of their service where I can import my comments by XML (which I don’t understand because I’m not a computer savvy).I onced again emailed him (twice or thrice, I think) and asked for additional info but he did not respond anymore (which is over a week already).
I will appreciate it if he just confirmed that he is working on the issue, but it did not happened. So what I did was uninstall Disqus and Installed ID again; to my surprise, it turned into a mess! Posting a comment is not available. Aaaack! It really infuriated me. I contacted ID and luckily he immediately responded that he is working on it, which I am very thankful.
At this very moment, he hasn’t resolved the problem yet, so I tried to fix it on my own. I contemplated on changing my template so that I will have the blogger comment system, but then I thought, “What about my widgets and the other modifications that I have done?!”. So I just painstakingly tried tweaking the CSS Template. Tried this and that and Voila! I made it!
On the other hand, I don’t have my old comments from Disqus, which are quite a few. If you know that importing them to ID is possible, will you please help me? You can e-mail me or leave your suggestions to the comment section. Thanks!

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