"The Disease To Please"

Is it hard for you to say “no”? Do you consistently compromise? Do you find that you’re spending more time and energy on others than on yourself? If that is the case, you just might be a people pleaser . But what is a people pleaser really?

It is a relatively new word in the psychology world, it’s not in the DSM-IV-TR (a book that a counselor would use for a diagnosis). People pleasers are doormats who let high expectations, resentment, and saying yes when they mean no run their lives. They are set on being perfect and nice. It affects mostly women because they are socialized to do for other people instead of for themselves. This has also been linked to codependence. (

Last month I came across this site where I fondly took an online quiz. The quiz was entitled ” Are You A People Pleaser?”. Before i started answering the questions, I already have the idea of what will the result be, and voila! it was confirmed.

As expected, I landed under the “Hate To Say No” category. Here’s the result:

You aim to please – most of the time. Bringing a smile to someone’s face is just par for the course for you. Although keeping everyone happy is a high priority, you still try to look out for number one. You are both familiar and comfortable with compromise. You try your best to keep the peace in your relationships. And if maintaining that peace entails some sacrificing, that’s life. Even though you don’t neglect yourself in your decisions, you might often place others’ needs above your own. Be careful not to sell yourself short. If you give more than your share, you might not be demanding the amount of respect you deserve. Having some symptoms of the “Disease to Please” is a good thing. It shows how much you value others in your life. People love people pleasers! It’s great to place “other people” at the top of your list, but just make sure that you stay up there too!

See what I’m talking about? The description really suits me. How about you? If you want to take the quiz and know yourself better, click here.

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  • This is really interesting, thank you for sharing I love to please people but I do know when to say no.

  • I can so relate to the “disease to please”. I’ve always had it since I’ve been a kid. Thanks for stopping by my block.

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