Meme: Passion Quilt

A fellow blogger, rborelli, who also happens to be a teacher, tagged me on this meme. The original post said:

…show what you are passionate about teaching to your students.

So here’s mine:

These are my Radiologic Technology students during our clinical educational trip last year.

They are my first batch of RT students. Since they are the pioneers and I am, too, the closeness that we have will always be treasured.

My first experience as an instructor is no joke, especially that I handle college students; I am just glad that they bear with me and help me make it throught in the process.

Seeing them become professionals in the next two years will be my greatest achievement.
What is more fulfilling in life than harvesting the fruits of your labor?

About the Author:

Praning5254 is an insomniac who started blogging since 2008. She is an educator and a Clinical Instructor offline, who has the passion for gadgets and other technology-related stuffs. Online, she maintains several blogs of various niches, which depicts her passion for technology, health, food, movies, books and other interesting stuffs.

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