How To Break-Up With Your Boyfriend

Have you ever been cheated? Or do you simply want to drive him away but you couldn’t find a more effective way to do so? Well, here are some suggestions that might work for you.

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Here’s the premise:

This seems to be an odd question but I’ll ask it anyway.


Let’s say, for instance, I don’t want the break up to start from me but I don’t want the guy anymore due to excessive cheating and other vices.

What is the best and effective way to subtly drive a man away?

ThriftShopRomantic: Knock him out, duct tape his hands and feet, drag him to the trunk and head to a distant locale for drop-off?

Oh, wait, you said subtly…

alexmcone: He’ll think its a bondage game in a forest.

Sorry to say this but us men dont take signals too well. My last girlfriend sent me signals for six months before I even started to get a hint. She was sleeping with another guy by then.

Tell him its over. Simple as that. Yet so many people think its the toughest thing to do.

I would personally prefer if a woman were to tell me that it’s over. A whole lot better than the mind games and signals.

DeadRooster: Show up holding hands with your new boyfriend.

Louise: Tell him you won’t be happy until he marries you.

aningeniousname: Every time you go out drag him towards the jewelery shop window to look at wedding rings. Then keep talking about how you would definitely want a massive wedding with two thousand guests and elephants to bring the rings down the aisle.

timethief: IMO being subtle borders on being dishonest and deceptive. Simply speak your truth and send him away. Remember that if you employ subtle techniques, he can mistake them and misinterpret them. Once he figures them out he will naturally feel betrayed, angry and resentful. I honestly believe there would be fewer instances of abuse if women would simply speak their truth, instead of employing manipulative techniques.

Example: “I no longer want to be in a relationship with you and I’m not open to negotiation. We are ill suited and I know that so I’m telling you that now. I wish you all the best. Please do not call me anymore. “

These “subtle” techniques really have no value and do not reflect well on your own character. It takes negative energy to make the dishonorable subterfuge choice and to delude yourself into believing that you are doing this so you don’t hurt him. What you are planning is to become game player an that’s not admirable. Remember that negative begets only negative. The fact that his cheating and lying killed the relationship so, stop deluding yourself about the fact that you are angry that he betrayed you. Tell him the truth, tell him to go and get on with leading an honorable life.

mitch972: …just tell him you’re not available this friday night because you have a hot

wolfcreek: As a man, just let me know. You can’t be held responsible for my lack of confidence if I take it badly, but I think you’re likely a candidate for a lawyer, court order and a stalker if you don’t just tell the guy it is over.

AmyOops: just be blunt

wehireu: Stop feeding him. Tell him you are unavailable due to other activities in your life.

BlueSunshine: Starvation is a good way to lose someone.

evingrant: Start acting like you don’t care…or ignore him as though he isn’t around. After about 2 weeks he’ll be like “forget it”..then you can pull the “we act like the relationship doesn’t matter” card, and just end it there.

DarkAngelMe: Tell him you want out and tell him why. Tell him whether or not you’re willing to re-negotiate.It’s honourable, it’s mature and it’s what you’d want a man to do when he is no longer in love with you.

Whatever you do, don’t play mind games, do not stoop low by sleeping around hoping he finds out, do not mistreat him or become abusive.

Get a restraining order on him, Move out, tell him to move out, tell him you are no longer in love with him. Surely, if he cannot take in all that, he is a psycho.

Sorry…lack of a better word.

BennyGreenberg: If you want to “drive me away” A nice stretch limo would be a good way to start…

There is something to be said about just Making the Decision and Doing it.

If you look at it from the other side – how would you feel? And when you have “tricked” him – then how will you feel?

Makes no sense…

Decide – and do it…

Then you can get on with your life – and be happy!

drowseymonkey: …Just end it with this guy already. Honesty is the best policy. That means being honest with others and yourself.

Playing games is a bad thing. Just end it.

urikalish: Invite him to your apartment and “accidentally” let him see your printed version of the application form for the Church of Scientology.

Theresa111: Ask him for his best friends phone number, because you want to date him, too.

AainaA: Best be mature about it. Tell him straight up front – and if he doesn’t get it, bring his car to the pound and sell it for scrap

myriadlife: Change the locks next time he is out cheating – subtle hint.

jonnyontheball: Wear a wig, speak in a high pitched voice and call yourself Gloria…. there, that should do the trick!!

spomib: If you have told him that you want the relationship to end, yet you stay with him, then you are not actually saying that you want it to end. It sounds like you do not want the responsibility (or the work) of actually leaving the relationship. I must agree with timethief’s points. IMHO you must first decide in your heart of Hearts whether you really want it to end. Then you need to take a deep look at why you stay. Investing any negative energy in retaliation or other nastiness does neither of you any good. Does he truly love you? (Would he be cheating if he did?) Do you love him? Maybe so, but at some point, you must make the decision to love and respect your Self more than him and do the Right Thing.

Articulate: He will never get it, unless you are very firm in your decision to get him out of your life, if you keep saying go away, yet allow him back in…he is getting mixed messages, he is already disrespecting your relationship by cheating.

Is it possible that you really don’t want him to go?

Sometimes you have to be firm and stick with what you say, because talking around it or trying to put it nicely will only cause mixed messages and more hurt then necessary.

There is a big difference in being mean and being honest!

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There you go guys and gals! I hope these suggestions will help you one way or another. Just be wise enough to choose which way to go (Gosh!, I must tell this to myself…).

Good Luck!!!

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