Farewell: My Sisters, My Bestfriends

After spending some time dilly dallying, finally, I took time to share something personal today.

My sister-in-law had her vacation here with us for more than three months. We were already in good terms before but never that close. When she came here, I was a little bit awkward at first because I’m not used that someone is staying in our house except for my daughter and my husband.

I thought that I would not be comfortable anymore because I have to deal with someone who will stay with us for a while. But not even a week that passed that we became close friends. I treated her just like my own sister (note that my mom and sister are my only bestfriends!) and discovered that she understands me like my “original bestfriends” and she’s a good listener, too!

We shared many happy memories together everyday and dealing with my “sort-of-jerk” other half was not a problem anymore. She listensed to my sentiments about her brother and agreed with me, most of the time. I instantly found a new confidante in her.

When I was at work, she took care of my 7-month old daughter and do the household chores, as well. I became too comfy for more than three months. Then came one day that she told me that she has to go because she also needs to take care of her personal affairs. I displayed no reaction when she informed me that, but deep inside, I don’t understand and I can’t explain what I was feeling. Wass it loneliness? I don’t know. Maybe…

On the other hand, a week ago, my sister also came for vacation. I was so happy because my “another bestfriend” also came. But after more than a week, she told me that she has to go home because her review for the board (Nursing Board Exam) exam will already start (she had just graduated from BS Nursing last March).

To make the long story short, both of them left early this morning. I played “poker face’. I displayed no emotion. And then they’re gone. I don’t know how or what to feel; tears just bursted and became unstoppable. I really felt empty now that both of them were gone. I know I’ll see them again anytime soon, but…I don’t know, I really don’t and I won’t bother to explain.

When I went home from work early this evening, I once again felt the emptiness; there were no boisterous laughters anymore. No nonsense talking, no fooling around…While I am writing this, I got teary-eyed and I know I have to stop, or else…

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