Best Friends Forever: Are They For Real?

I envy those people who have their BFF (best friends forever), whom they can turn to whenever they need one. Whom they can share their deepest secrets, their failures, success and their happiest moment, among others.

Now I’m just wondering, why don’t I have one? What is wrong with me? Am I really bad? Or am I an introvert? or antisocial perhaps? Or maybe I have one or some but don’t recognize him/her/them.

For twenty-eight years, I don’t consider anyone to be my real best friend. I know I have lots of friends that were and will always be there for me, especially when I need them, still I don’t consider them to be my best buddies.

How can we define “Best Friend?” Wikipedia defines it as someone with whom one shares the strongest possible kind of friendship. Furthermore, friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans; and this definitions still seems vague to me.

Can we gauge the level of friendship? Is there such term as “Better Friends”? That’s why we have the so-called “Best Friends”? What is the thin line that separates a friend from being a best friend? Can a friend become a best friend and a best friend become just a friend? I know you’re confuse, and so am I.

Most people I know would say that best friends are special friends because you can share anything you want and she/he will understand and support you. Or sometimes, he/she will contradict you without resulting to arguments and hard feelings. But how come I can’t find one whom I can share everything I want to? Are they rare? highly in-demand? or peculiar? Can somebody please tell me where can I find them so I can have my own BFF?
Can it be possible that what I’m looking for a bestfriend can’t be find in a single person? Or maybe I already did but haven’t recognize them yet. For instance, I consider my mom as my true and trusted friend but there are also instances where I hide something from her. Likewise, I regard my sister as one, but just the same, there are times where I felt like I can’t share something to her for some reasons. Can I consider both of them as my BFF?

Honestly, when you ask me, the only person I consider my BFF is myself, where I can tell me everything that I want to without much hesitation. I will not be embarassed of what “my” reaction will be when I share something too personal or even my darkest secrets. Is this normal? I’m really confused. Should I go and see a Psychologist? What do you think?

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